Remote Environmental Monitoring

Cypod CyConnect4G™ is an IoT sensor and modem solution that provides real time temperature and humidity measuresments for assets that need to be environmentally controlled such as food perishables, medicine, antiques, and electronics. User defined alarm parameters may be set to send alarms via sms, email and in the control center dashboard including history statistics and trends.

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Cypod CyConnect4G™ has movement detection where if the asset being monitoried is physically moved and alarm will be generated and sent. The administrator will be notified which asset has physically moved and its current approximate position will be reported. Additional perimeter alarms can also be configured by the use of Geo Fencing

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Theft, Geo Fencing

Asset Administration and Management

Cypod CyConnect4G™ IoT Software supports administration of thousands of attached IoT sensors in a customizable common dashboard with extensive administration capabilities. Statistics of each sensor can be viewed including location and sensor status locally or remotely via smart phone or tablet. All data and communication is protected with end to end encryption

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Administration, Management